Somoene help me finish my first project!

Hi everyone. My name’s Minerva. I’m from Mexico, as you know my native language is spanish so my english is not very good. But I’ll try to explain why I am here.

I’m new to being a member in a forum and to knitting either. My grandma introduced me to this fascinating activity about 3 weeks ago. I began knitting and purling and everything. My first exercise was an all knitted square. And I chose for my first project a bowtie scarf. Grandma said it was a difficult project for a beginner like me but i wasn’t disappointed with those spectations, by the other way I was encouraged on doing it. I like challenges.

Everything started right. It didn’t seem to be difficult to follow the pattern of the bowtie. But I reached the tricky part of the project, just after knitting the body of the scarf. When it says:

"Divide stitches onto 2 needles (one straight, one double point needle):

  • knit 1 (straight needle), knit one (slip to double point needle afterwards, keep dpn
    at back of work)* repeat to end of row – there will be 12 sts on the straight needle
    and 12 (every other stitch) on the double point needle.
    Work with the 12 sts on the straight needle first – work 2,5 inches in single rib.
    Break yarn.Work with the 12 sts on the double point needle next – work 2,5 inches single rib."

I simply got stuck here and don’t know what to do next. I got a few questions and i’m begging for help. Hope someone can help me.

-What’s the point on using dpn? Can I got the same result using a straight needle? I do not know how to use the dpn as marked on these project. :pout:

-I divided the stitches and knitted everyone on the straight needle just as marked on the pattern but I don’t know what does “break yarn” means. Does it means I have to cut the yarn that I’m knitting and return to the stithes left on the dpn by joining them with a knot? If I got to do this, what is the correct technique of joining the yarn to the stitches on the dpn? :??

I hope someone can help me to finish my first project. I’ll be thankfull the rest of my life and my grandma should also be proud. THANKS

I will try to help if I can here. The reason for using the DPN instead of a straight needle is that if you were to slip the stitch to a Straight you would go into the stitch with your needle pointing to the left (If I am imagining this correctly) and when it came time to use those stitches again, your needle would be pointing the wrong direction. If you tried to do it with a straight needle you would see that end cap is in your way later.

Break yarn does indeed mean to cut it.

[color=indigo]Hola Mine:

Si sea mas facil pa’ ti en espanol, yo se lo traduzco.

Bienvenida, amiga! :hug:



hola minerva. tienes el mismo nombre que mi mama. tu ingles esta muy chevere. no te puedo explicar tu pregunta porque no entiendo muy bien (no soy muy experta) perso si puedo traducir algo si lo necesistas. buena suerte!

sarah en nueva york

Thanks everyone for your help. :muah:
I understood the reason of using dpn. Still don’t know the better way to join the yarn to the remaining stitches on the dpn. I hope to finish the scarf sooner.