Sometimes, only knitting gets you through

A couple of weeks ago, my father suffered a massive heart attack. He was on life support for a few days, during which time, family members across the country came to his side. Since he was in ICU, only one or two people at a time could enter the room. And he was given rest in between. So, that left a lot of time spent in a waiting room, with not a lot to do (except chat with long-time-no-see family members. We did a lot of that!)
I heard myself saying, repeatedly, “if all I can do is sit here wringing my hands, then at least they are going to produce something useful and beautiful.” It was during this time that I knit a blanket for my soon-to-arrive grandson.
My father passed with his family surrounding him, and a great outpouring of love. And his newest great-grandchild will have a blanket imbued with love for him knit right into it.
“Sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years. One season following another, laden with happiness and tears.”

I’m so sorry, Monidew. Knitting is definitely calming. That blanket will be extra special. :hug:

My deepest sympathy. I’m sorry your father and grandson will not be able to know each other, but the love is there. Blessings for you and yours.

Knitting does help. It gives you time to think and the repetitive motion itself is soothing. I’m very sorry to hear of your loss.

I am so very sorry for your loss. Your title was perfect. It’s so true.
I actually began knitting during an extremely stressful part of my life, and found lots of comfort in it.
I’ll be thinking of you.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your father.

I read your post with great sympathy in my heart for you. My own dear Mom died (age 84) a year and a half ago, and the first Xmas without her wasn’t as painful as this one is, not sure why.

Hope you get through as best you can, surrounded by loved ones.

Will be thinking of you this Christmas. :hug:

I think it’s because we’re still in shock the first year. It’s during the second year that we do the “work” of grieving. Peace and blessings to you during this time.

Thanks Monidew, and to you also.

I found a book on called “Knitting Through It: Inspiring Stories for Times of Trouble or Troubled Times” by Lela Narqi. Looks like it might be a good winter read.

I’m so sorry for your loss MoniDew. :grphug:
Much blessings to you and your family as the holiday season approaches!!! :heart:

I do agree that knitting is soothing and calming, it does help to take your mind if only for a few seconds at a time of what you’re going through.
In 2004 my kidneys failed. As I prepared for dialysis training, a friend offered to teach me to knit.
I honestly thought to myself “how boring is that” I didn’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings I said “sure”

I not only learned to knit, I fell in love with it. I would knit away while I did dialysis.
Many times I forgot I was doing dialysis (one of my 4 daily treatments) because I was too busy concentrating on my stitches and patterns.

I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.