Something's wonky....strangely shaped scarf

I’m working on a scarf in Plymouth Alpaca Grande. It’s all garter stitch. I cast on 24 to begin, and I still have 24 stitches when I count. But my scarf is kind of sloping inward - it’s hard to explain…

It’s definitely not decreasing. It almost seems as if the needle is pulling stitches inward so that it creates a gradual slope toward the middle?
I was thinking maybe because the yarn was so soft that the thing is easily mishapen or something? :frowning: Or maybe there’s a way to decrease by an 1/8 of a stitch. If there is I’m sure I’d discover it… :roflhard:

If this is the problem, can you block Alpaca to fix something like that? Or does Alpaca not block?

What gives? :shock:

It could be that the weight of the scarf is pulling it down. It also could be that you’re knitting a little tighter. Don’t worry though, because alpaca DOES block, so you can shape it when you’re done.

Yeeesss… :happydance:

Good news. I was considering taking it out. I’ll work on relaxing. :roflhard:

Thanks Ingy! :cheering: