Something I've been wondering RE: kitchener stitch

Can kitchener stitch be done on stitches that have been picked up along an edge, or does it have to be done on actual live stitches???

I don’t see why not. Once you’ve picked up sts along the side of a piece of work, that very act makes them live sts. If they’re sts and they’re on the needle … they must be live … :wink:

Thanks! No harm in giving it a try, it would be easily taken out if it didn’t look good. I am always trying to look for ways to get out of seaming :happydance:

:roflhard: Dudette, let me know what you find. Ekgheiy isn’t all that big on seaming either. :wink:

Will do :thumbsup: . It makes me want to stitch two sample pieces and try it out! Knitting rocks!!! :happydance:

I think that it is only done off of active, live stitches, not stitches picked up along the seam. Mainly because you are weaving the top of the row into each other, and I don’t see how this would go on a side seam???


Hm :thinking: You could pick up sts along both seams to get live sts on both sides. :??

Okay, I did a teeny tiny sample. 7 stitches x 7 rows. I wove them together using kitchener stitch and it totally worked, except that the woven part looked like stockinette stitch (which I was wondering about) while the rest of my sample was garter stitch. It looked kind of weird. We’ll see if I do it on my actual project. It may turn out to be a really cool one-of-a-kind item!! :thumbsup: