Somebody sold my e-mail address

I am a bit disappointed. Lately I have ordered yarn from three companies I hadn’t done business with before. And now I am constantly getting yarn-related junk mail. I don’t mind so much the ones from the companies I have bought stuff from, but I am getting a lot from companies I have not bought anything from or signed up for anything with. Obviously one of them sold my e-mail address, but I don’t know which one :frowning:

I know running a small business is difficult and e-mail lists are a great source of income, but I don’t need to save any more money! I don’t want to know about every single sale at every on-line yarn store in the universe, and I get tired of deleting all the extra spam and trying to unsubscribe from all the different lists.

You should always read the company’s privacy policy notice prior to giving them your information. If they don’t even have a privacy policy posted that’s a dead give away that they will sell your information.

I have a junk email account that I use for online purchases as well as signing up for forums and websites. All of the ensuing spam just gets dumped in it.

I have three…one for junk mail/shopping, one for forums, and one for personal. Yahoo is pretty good about dumping spam so I use them for shopping, etc.

well cr@pola~!:doh:

I went to some site for free patterns the other day (I can’t remember the site). I kept getting these pages that were asking all kinds of questions and realized that this was a site I really didn’t want to have my email. I immediately closed out my browser. Too late! Since then my yahoo bulk mail folder has been getting all kinds of junk, like from eHarmony, payday loans, etc. It’s steadily declining in number (I guess yahoo is learning to not put stuff in the bulk folder to begin with), but for a while there I was concerned. That is why I have a yahoo address. I use my comcast account for communicating with friends and family and for business sites that I absolutely trust not to sell my address. So far, so good.

you also could have spyware on your computer that logs your e-mail addy and personal information (mailing address for example) and sees what websites you go to then sends that information back to the company. you need to download, install, and run two programs (Free, we use them on all of our computers and on the ones we work on… dh and I have a computer repair/custom build WFH business) called SpyBot and Ad-Aware. if you need help with it, give me a holler. my e-mail is

smureness at nycap dot rr dot com

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