Some old FO's that I finally took pictures of

Here are two projects i finally got around taking pictures of. they are both for myself.

I made myself the cable trim pullover # 26 from Vogue Knitting fall 2006. I finished it last May. I get a lot of compliments on it. I used size 3 needles with 2 strands of fingerweight alpaca held together.

close up of cable trim

entire sweater

the second fo is the ribbed lace bolero. i did it in Blue sky organic cotton. it came out a little bigger than anticipated even though i measured. but I still like and i get alot compliements on it as well. i
adored the yarn.

side view

front view

thanks for looking!!

They both look great!!! You’ll get lots of enjoyment from wearing these!

good job on both. i especially like the cabled collar on the sweater.

Very nice work! They fit so nicely too!!! :cheering:

Beautifully done!:yay:

Wow that’s two needles up!


:happydance: they are both very pretty! great job :thumbsup:

When I click on the links I get a page that says “[SIZE=2]Flickr is having a massage.”:??

Me too! LOL Thats great! Oh well, I’ll check back later to see it.

hmm strange. flickr is now working because i uploaded new pics

Both are very nice! I think my fav is the bolero. 'Course, I love the cable on the sweater, too. Ahhhh, heck. I love 'em both.

Beautiful job on both of them!

They both look great! I hear such good things about that Blue Sky yarn–I will have to try it.

Wow that sweater is beautiful and fits perfectly - that is an accomplishment! The bolero is very cute too. Wonderful work!

I really liked working with the blue sky organic cotton. it is soooo soft against the skin!!! I love wearing it. it was a little fuzzy if i made a mistake and i had to work back. but otherwise it was a dream to work with

Great work on both of them. I love them both and they look really cute on you. Beautiful color on the pullover.