Some of my Projects!

Hey everyone I just wanted to put up some of my projects. Enjoy

The first one is a Lion Brand Yarn Thick and Quick Cream Colored Hat and scarf Set for myself :heart:
The second is a Cable Knit hat i did for my son last week :lol:
The third is a Thick and Quick Navy hat and scarf set for my son and I :XX:
The forth is Lion Brand Suede for me and My son. :happydance:

Wonderful job… they all look so chic. And you look great in hats!
I can’t get over that cute little boy… what a doll face! :heart:

Isnt my son adorable!!!1 i love knitting stuff for him!!

Wonderful stuff! :cheering: I bet you can’t wait for cooler weather to be able to actually use them!

Aww how cute you guys are! I love all of it! The scarf set looks VERY warm. Great job! :cheering:

What wonderful things you’ve made! All very nice - including your darling little boy.

You guys look to cute in you winter accessories. Great job :thumbsup:

Wow! Those are nice! YOu both look adorable in them! :thumbsup:

Great bunch of hat! That blue set is hysterical, and you do look quite chic in your cream set. Great job!!

Oh, everything looks great…you did wonderful jobs :thumbsup:

Your son is just too cute! I love everything you made and I have to agree with the others that you look very chic in that cream set. Well done!! :thumbsup:

I definitely love the last set on you and the blue hat and scarf on him! That is just too cute!

Everything looks great, but most especially do I love :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: that blue set! Great job!

Great job, Budda_Mom. I’m especially loving the black cable hat… :drooling:

Great job! And, your son is a cutie!!

:heart: What a cute little guy you have. I like all your things, you did a great job on them :cheering:

Buddha Mom, They look great! And what a precious child!

The two of you are just too adorable in all your fab-o hats!
Great job!

Wow, fantastic work! You both look so cute!! :inlove: :inlove: Nice work, too, on your first cables!!! Aren’t they fun?!

Tooo cute !!! :inlove: My son only lets me knit things for him that have skulls on em lol. :roflhard: