Some New Ruffled Scarves with new types of yarn

Here are a couple of my latest scarves with a new or at least newer type of Ruffled Scarf Yarn. Let me know what you think.

What do I think? WOW! Those look impossible!
Amazing scarves.

Very lovely scarves. The “yarn” is very interesting. The first one looks more like material, which is why I’m hesitant to call it “yarn.”

Great job on these!

Oh they are super easy. The ones shown are just 2 stitches per row and that’s it. And both yarns are very soft and delicate.

Both are lovely and will look fabulous on. You knit them very well and they turned out beautifully. Enjoy wearing them!

Wow! Those are neat ! I’ve been wanting to try some of these new yarns, but I don’t recall seeing anything exactly like those. Lovely scarves!

Those are very interesting… it seems that we could make that kind of ‘yarn’ out of a very long ribbon of… anything, really.

If we could attach another string with holes in it, set about 2 inches apart, and knit that as a regular ruffle scarf using those holes, it would probably have the same effect?

Very cute indeed!

Very interesting!