Some how I dont think I'm following

Directions correctly.

First of all this is the first time I’ve tried knitting a sweater worked in one piece.

Its a Lionsbrand sweater pattern:

I’ve knitted up to the Shape Cuffs of the sweater and its for a boy btw…so I’m going to switch the sides the button holes go on which shouldnt be to hard … I guess what I’m worried about is that at the Shape Cuffs it says cast on 8 stitches. Does that mean cut the yarn and then cast on?

I guess I should just knit and see how it turns out instead of worrying ahead of time that I’m going to mess it up :hair:

No, don’t cut! When you CO sts while you’re working on a piece, use a knitted or cable CO. End of one row is also the beginning of the next row, so when you get to the end of the row, turn and begin the CO in the first st. Then knit the new stitches plus the others on the needles.

And yes, it’s much easier to figure this stuff out when the yarn and needles are in your hands than trying to work it out in your head. :wink:

Suzeeq has it right. Just trust the pattern.

And when you think about it, you do need a little bit of extension on the cuff [about 8 sts worth] to make room to sew on your buttons.

You must be doing pretty good to have gotten that far. Good on you! :hug:


So the “Cuff” isnt the cuff of the sleeve its the strip where the buttons go?

Yes, it’s the sleeve cuff. I think DorothyDot was looking at the Finishing instructions, part of which are “…Fold cuff back. Sew on buttons. …” and thinking that you sew the buttons on the cuff. The buttons go on the front edge.