Some good knitting books?

hii, it’s been a while since i knitted but recently started up again. i would like to get some books but don’t really know what’s good. has anyone ever tried knitting for dummies? i’m not really a beginner, but i got the hang of knit and purl. can anyone recommend books that have a decent or good amount of pictures :stuck_out_tongue: and different kind of stitches? maybe a good scarf book too. i got some pretty yarn for a nice little scarf, but no pattern has caught my eye yet.:sad:

thanks in advance

It’s hard for me to recommend a tutorial book, i don’t have one. But, you can find lots of lovely scarf patterns online. You have the besotted scarf, which is a nice cable scarf. And you have my so called scarf, which is easier. And you can try the irish hiking scarf or silver’s palindrome scarf, both nice and easy cable scarves. Good luck!
You can also check out, they have lots of free patterns.

First of all … I love knitting books as much as I love yarn and needles/accessories. When I started knitting I thought it would be a good hobby for me because all I would need is a pair of needles and a ball of yarn, unlike other things I have enjoyed doing that take a TON of STUFF … I was WRONG … anyway … here are a few of the stitch books I have and I love every one of them :slight_smile:

[U]365 Knitting Stitches A Year, perpetual calendar[/U] … this started me on my quest for knit stitch books … pictures of stitches but no pictures of instructions

[U]Vogue Knitting Stitchionary[/U] … again great stitch swatches but no how to pix

[U]The Harmony Guides 250 creative Knitting Stitches Volume 4[/U] slip stitch mosaics, cross stitch,cables …some how to pix … I want volume 1-3 … just happened upon this at Joanns to use 40% off coupon

[U]The Knitter’s Bible[/U] by Claire Crompton …VERY GOOD getting started section, creative options and exploring choices sections … one of those books you can curl up and read, good stitch library and project section.

[U]Super Stitches Knitting[/U] by Karen Hemingway … new, 2007 copyright … tons of great pictures and stitch patterns

Also … one called [U]Field Guide to Knitting[/U] or something like that … it is upstairs and I am too lazy to go get it. It is a great book and the size is about 4"x6" and is great to keep in my knitting bag. I used it over the holidays to experiment with new stitches on the airplane.

My Joanns gets lots of new Knitting books very often, Michaels and AC Moore also carry knitting books … I use my 40 -50 % coupons. Knit Picks and Amazon also discount books quite often …

If you are on Ravelry and go to the library of one of your “friends” you can click on the book and it will take you to projects that have been done … it has helped me remember what patterns are in my books without having to dig them out … not that I don’t love going through a pile of books.

I’m currently going through the inventory of knitting books at my local library. I have purchased 2 so far that I had borrowed from the library.
I recommend seeing what your library has and see if any strike a chord with you.

I like all the above, I like the book “knitting on the edge” that is fun too! There are tons of baby pattern books that are good. :muah:

I LOVE knitting books just like Debbie. Unfortunately I am a student and I can’t afford as many as I would like. I agree that going to the library is great to check out as many knitting books as possible before you buy. My favourite knitting books are: [U]Stitch n’ Bitch[/U], [U]Cables Untangled[/U], [U]Mason-Dixon Knitting[/U], and [U]Fitted Knits[/U]. I also love the Stephanie Pearl-McPhee books, especially [U]Knitting Rules![/U]. They’re funny, but they also help you understand the way a pattern works, for example the basic sock recipe.
I have read [U]Knitting For Dummies[/U] and it’s okay. It’s great if you need a basic book, but the patterns don’t excite me.
One of my favourite things to do is to go to a book store and just sit in the knitting section and look through them all. The bigger bookstores are large enough that they don’t really seem to care if you do this.

:woot: you’re starting your knitting adventure, glad to hear that. My mom got me [U]Knitting and Crochet for Dummies[/U] book for x-mas one year. I too recommend any Stitch & Bitch book by Debbie. If you’re into the alternative culture with a hint of kink, see if you can find the book [U]Domiknitrix[/U] in bookstores. Another good one for when you get in a tangle is [U]The Knitting Answer Book[/U]. It’s a good book with all the different cast ons, cast offs and answers to many knitting problems you may encounter. Hope that helps ya. You can go to your local library too and do a word search for “knitting”, there’s lots of books there.