Some FOs

I finally made the time to take pics of some of my FOs …

This is the Palindrome scarf and hat set for a friend:

This is a Kitchen set for my BIL & SIL (mitts and pot holder crocheted):

Blanket for my 3yo niece’s birthday:

Felted purse and matching scarf for my 10yo niece’s birthday:


I love the hat and scarf set! Wonderful job on all!

They all came out great!!! what is the yarn you used for Silver’s pattern? I love it

Thanks! I used Paton’s SWS - Earth Tones I think.

Wonderful job on all of them. That purse and scarf set will go over really big with your niece I think. Keep up the good work!

Wow, nice work!!

Your work is beautiful!

Beautiful knitting. The felted purse set will be a huge hit no matter what age - I have a 43 year old friend who would love them.

You have been busy. Good job and I like all of them.:yay:

I think you did a great job on all!.

:happydance: everything looks great!! I think the little purse is perfect for a 10 yo…she is going to love it :thumbsup:

Wow, you’ve been busy! They’re all beautiful. I love the yarn you chose for the scarf and hat set! Lovely colors!

Your work is lovely…Didn’t you just love making the Palindrome hat and scarf?
Your niece is going to love her scarf and bag set she will look a little Diva !!

That is quite a load of fabulous knitting. I envy your productivity.:wink:

Everything looks great but i i have to say i love the hat and the scarf set!

That is quite a load of fabulous knitting. I envy your productivity

And your choice of colors in the 3 y.o. blanket and the set for your niece. Great work~:)

You did a great job on all of it. I really like the Palindrome hat and scarf.

Those are all great. Your work is very nice.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your compliments!!

Everything looks great!