Some advice needed?

I have in my mind a pattern. Well its an idea of a pattern actually, I have something I want to re-create - it is currently in material form and sewn but I am pretty positive I can transport it into knitwear and there are some changes to it that I want to make. It is from an old 1940’s object that was made in a mend and make do way - and it is rather delicate these days.

Apart from trying different yarns, with different needle sizes and stitch patterns in swatches before starting, is there anything else I should know about knitwear design? Are there any real basic nono’s that I should avoid?

I’ve never written a pattern before, so is there anything I should specifically do when trying this thing out and after it is completed, should I have another knitter test it?

I have the two books by Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer (creating knitwear designs and making knitwear fit) which are pretty helpful, but wondered if anyone had any solid advice / solid do not’s for me before I start on this road?

I realise this could be a bit like asking the proverbial “how long is a piece of string” question - but hopefully it isn’t :wink:

I can’t help you with the pattern part cause I’ve never written one but I think you should go for it please have other knitters test it…

My daughter’s Easter dress was a pattern found online that was full of mistakes and I had the hardest time with it… I had to keep e-mailing the designer cause of mistakes in the pattern or things not working out or info missing… it was a headache and if it hadn’t been for her Easter I would have gave up on it… Towards the end of it I just gave up and went with what I thought it should be… now the pattern is no longer up and hopefully its being fixed so nooone else has the stress I had pretty funny now when I look back on it but it wasn’t then…

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Its a very simple idea - and yes I’d definately want to ensure that others could follow the pattern with ease! I’d dread picking up a pattern that wasn’t what it should be - I always now keep in mind Ingrid’s thought “always trust the pattern” - would hate to produce a pattern that wasn’t trustworthy!

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Good Luck with the pattern :thumbsup:

Once it’s written, have another knitter at least read it. Sometimes what’s obvious to you may be confusing to someone else.

When I wrote the socks pattern for KnitPicks last year I got the best advice from my LYS owner, she’s a sweetie!! Anyway, she told me to read over the patterns in Vogue Knitting and Family Circle Knitting, that these mags had patterns written in the “industry norm format” and that when writing my pattern that I should follow this format. Writing a pattern (for me) is much harder than creating the design. I would suggest that you get another knitter to read the pattern; preferably someone that has written the same type of pattern that you are writing, he/she will know exactly what to look for. If you can’t find someone that’s written a pattern like yours…someone that has knit several of the items for which you are writing the pattern.
KEEP GOOD NOTES…write everything down. If you can get someone to test knit it…even better :thumbsup:

Thank you ladies for the responses =D I’ll keep all of that in mind. Time for me to read up / check out how patterns are presented in some of those magazines!