SOLD-13 4 oz skeins of Christopher Sheep Farm yarn 100% wool

Hey all - I’m clearing out my stash and I have WAYYY too much of this yarn.

I have 13 4 oz. skeins, two-ply - I’d like to sell it in one big lot - I’m asking $32.50 ($2.50/skein) - what a bargain! S/H is $5.00 for the whole lot.

Here’s the photo (I’m not sure what all the colors are though) and here’s a link for more information on the yarn.

This yarn isn’t real soft at first but when you wash it it gets really soft and yummy. I have made a bunch of charity vests out of this, and a bunch of pairs of fingerless gloves! FYI: It IS ‘sheepy’ smelling (something I love but not everyone does I know)

Please pm me if you’re interested! Pricing is also negotiable! I want to get this yarn to a good home.

Thank you Carol in OH!!! Very nice yarn and a great deal.

Carol in (wouldn’t my SP like to know)