hi everyone-
i am a new knitter, and have just finished my first scarf. however, i made it too wide and used acrylic because i couldn’t find any wool, and the scarf is too bulky. i was told that by washing it in some conditioner, it might soften up. any other ideas?
thank you!

Acrylic washes and dries nicely, so I’d give that a shot. There’s really nothing else you can do to change the feel of it. Just make sure you machine dry it because the nature of acrylic is to stretch out in the washer and go back to shape in the dryer.

or just a regular wash with some extra fabric softener?

Washing definitely helps, in fact the more you wash it, the softer it should get. I had the same problem with the first sweater I made, it was so stiff it could practically stand up by itself! I ran it through the wash several times and now it is a very comfy sweater that I love to wear with jeans!

How wide is too wide? Maybe you could use it for a wrap???