Soft Yarn for washcloths

I have been making dishcloths with Sugar and cream cotton yarn, but I need somthing softer but absorbant for making baby washcloths and face cloths. Anyone have any suggestions?

TLC Cotton Plus is good. It’s a dk weight, best with size 5,6, or 7 needles, soft with a cotton/acrylic blend, very absorbant. Mary

I did not know I could use an acrylic blend. I will check it out. Thanks!

Sure, you could try CottonEase or Micrspun, both by Lion.

I’ve heard Cotton Chenille by Crystal Palace is very soft and good for washclothes.

I love CP cotton chenille for washcloths - I’ve also used Cottontots and find it soft enough.

I think Peaches/Cream is softer then the Sugar/Cream. I didn’t like Microspun much, only made one & don’t use it much. I bought some Cotton Chenille by Crystal Palace but haven’t used it yet. I do think it will be the softest by far.

I second Microspun. It’s very soft for a baby.

Wow thanks for all the suggestions. I definitely want to try cottontots, microspun, TLC…and I have been reading about Crystal palace but would have to order it becasue there are no yarn shops close to me except commercial chain stores like Michaels.