Soft stuffing

I made a stuffed kitty about the size of my hand. I went out to buy the stuffing and had a bit of a problem. I couldn’t find a small bag of stuffing and do not feel like buying a huge bag of extra just to have sitting around my house in the event that “I might use it again one day”.

What other types of stuffing could I use besides the standard poly-whatever-stuff? I thought of trying cotton balls. The other alternative I thought would be nice was a combination of cotton balls and those silica beads. Make it more of a beanie bear.

Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. My only stipulation is that I has to be soft and squishy.

What I did once for pillow stuffing is go to the dollar store and buy a cheapo pillow. You could probably find a cheapo stuffed animal–a squishy one at a dollar store and, um, disembowel it.

I actually bought a jumbo ball of baby acrylic to use for stuffing tiny bears…

Works a treat!

The main thing I think I’d be concerned about is who will be using it. If it’s a child then it should be washable and I don’t think cotton balls would be a good idea. A lot of things would prove to be lumpy so take that into consideration, too. Acrylic yarn or a dollar store pillow is a good idea! There must be other options, too.

This may not work for your projrct, but I once stuffed a draft dodger with stray socks. Very washable, and a guaranteed way to have the other sock show up in a week! :rollseyes:

Perhaps for something small, you could take some old socks and snip them into smaller pieces?

old nylons, little itty bitty beans, make a muslim sack and fill with rice, then your kitty can be put in the microwave or freezer and be a heat/ice pack.

Make more stuffable projects. :wink:

The kitty is for my good friend who is also a knitter. I made it with 100% wool so she won’t be able to wash it anyway. I was thinking of making a little backpack for the kitty (it’s Hello Kitty) so she could put her stitch markers in it or something knitting-related.

There are some fantastic ideas here and I’m contemplating a couple of them. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to show you the final result and share what I decided to use.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

Whenever I snip off ends after weaving or something I put all the little ends in a ziplock baggie. Then when I need to stuff something I just grab a big wad. [size=2]Ooooh that sounded dirty[/size]

Ooooo good idea! I’ve just been tossing them, but I’ll save them now. My family will think I’m nuts! :rollseyes: