I just finished my second pair of socks! This pair is for ME. I used schoeller stahler “limbo mexiko” yarn. I didn’t find the exact same pattern repeat in the 2nd skein, so the socks aren’t the same, but I don’t really care- I like them this way! :happydance:

:cheering: :cheering: They look wonderful!! The fact that they don’t match exactly adds to their hand-made charm!

WTG Margie! They look great! :thumbsup:

These are great. I am going to need to look for that yarn I LOVE it. :inlove:
And about matching, unless the pattern repeat is VERY obvious and Very small, I usually don’t bother matching them. I personally like my socks a little mismatched!

Those look wonderful, Margie! :cheering:

And yeah, I like the pattern being a bit off–you can designate right and left socks that way! :rofling:


ditto. Except I probably wont ever bother matching them. More unique and cute!

My husband just looked over my shoulder and said “Very nice socks.” So there you go, even a guy non-knitter impressed. Good job; those look great.