Hi everyone! Well, I’ve been googling knitting patterns for socks for the past few days now. All I seem to find is ones that require dpn or circular needles. I plan on purchasing both on my birthday, in October, along with some new knitting books :slight_smile: I’ve been knitting for 7 years now, and I don’t know how to use either. I’ve just now started to learn stitches other than the basic knit stitch(sad I know lol). Anyway, getting to my point, I’m wondering if there are any sock patters that I can just use regular needles(sorry, if I’m not using the correct term here lol) with. Anyway, any help is appreciated!! Thanks! :muah:

I’m sure there us a flat knit sock pattern out there somewhere. Issue is going to be that you will need to seam it up to make a tube and that will most likely make an uncomfortable ridge…Personally, I would find a class or online tutorial and learn to use DPN or circulars. DPN’s take some coordination, but IMHO there is nothing difficult about circulars once you learn to join without twisting they are just like knitting on straight needles. I LOVE making socks on 2 circulars. If you prefer to learn DPN’s I would suggest making something like a hat first and then move onto Silvers Sock Tutorial.

Best of Luck

There is a post in this forum recently for socks knit flat. :thumbsup:

My advice would be to go to the site listed below and follow the step by step instructions on how to make socks on dpn’s. Silver shows with words and pictures how to knit socks. Her tutorial is very detailed and explains everything from beginning to end!

I knit for 20 something years before getting up the nerve to try dpn’s and/or knitting socks, but had a perfect pair of socks the first time with Silver’s tutorial. Good luck!

Thanks so much, I’ll definitely check that out!!:slight_smile:

I am definitely going to use her tutorial when I get some dpn’s. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait til October, which is my b-day, b/c the nearest town with an arts and crafts store is 30 miles away. We just have a wal-mart here, and I’ve looked for a couple of different knitting things there, and they don’t have much of what I need. :cry:
Anyway, thanks for the help though!!! :muah:

Jen I just noticed you are in Hartwell, I am in Elberton. I am in Athens at least once a week and in Hartwell every Friday or Saturday. What do you need.

Oh my gosh, what a small world! I’m just trying to learn how to do socks, but I won’t get to anderson to get dpns or circulars til October. So, I’m just trying to learn how to socks on straight needles until then

Well if you decide you need anything there is a great LYS in Athens (Watkinsville really) only 5 minute from where my daughter takes ballet every Monday. It is Main Street Yarn and Fiber

I cast on my third pair of socks yesterday. Only 6 weeks after my first pair. Once you see the structure go together the aren’t to hard. Have fun figuring it out. :slight_smile: