What’s your favorite cast-on? I’m about to knit a pair for the first time in 20+ years!

I like the long tail. It is very stretchy here is a link

Thank you! That’s what I was thinking of using.

Your welcome and to help you with your socks here This helped me with my first sock. Enjoy. PS.the patterns are free on silver

Thank you again! Everyone here is so friendly!

I like long-tail too…

I am still having issues with a tight cast on even with long tail on larger needles. To compensate I cast on 1/3 as many as I need (eta, that’s 1/3 more than I need) and decrease every other stitch on the first row.

That works great for hats and seems to have worked on my first socks (which aren’t long enough to see if they fit over my heel yet).

I use a variation of Long Tail called the Twisted German. It’s also known as the Old Norwegian cast on, which is the label they use for it here, though most books I’ve seen refer to it as Twisted German. I find the edge is neater and it’s as stretchy as Long Tail, if not more so.

There is a video (labelled Old Norwegian) in the video section of this website. No audio, but if you can do Long Tail you’ll be able to pick it up easily. You can also google for Twisted German and find some other videos showing it.

I do long tail too, but usually on 2 sizes up needles.

This one works best for me too!

I much prefer the knitted cast on. It seems much more giving than long-tail, especially for baby and small children’s socks. Amy’s got a video of it and it is really easy.