i am knitting my 2nd sock and the wrong side is facing me, how do i turn the right side to the outside i tried it but then the thread would be on the left instead of the right, they always do that and i thought the right side should be facing you, then i was told that it did not matter help! thanks

You can turn the sock inside out. The right side will now be outside, wrong side in. When you are knitting in the round think of a clock. Keep the working end of the needles right in front of you, at 6 o’clock. The rest of the knitting will circle away from you moving counterclockwise. What you are doing (knitting inside out) however is perfectly fine totally your preference.

Hi Suzi55,
A good tip is when knitting socks to be aware that the tail end of the cast on yarn should be on the inside of the sock (usually).

You could possibly try line 23 of the Marsan Watchcap ( to turn your sock around; otherwise, you will end up with a hole in the sock if you just turn it inside out. Good luck. :thumbsup: