Can anyone suggest a pattern for me to use to knit my first pair of socks? I’ve knit sweaters, shawls, hats, mitts, bags, a skirt; there is nothing I won’t tackle, except for socks. I have a pattern for socks that is 16 pages long and it scared even me. I’m looking for something simple. The real reason I never knitted socks is I’m afraid I’ll do all that work and they won’t fit.

Make your first pair custom fit to your feet. I learned from Lifestyle Socks when it was just blog posts, before it was put together as a pattern. I always knit socks using this method. Learn knit to fit and you’ll be set. The no swatch needed is for real. Use a needle that will give you a tight gauge, check to be sure you’ve got enough sts/in when you’ve knit enough of the toe so you can measure, change needle sizes if you need to, continue knitting. That’s how I do it. I find I knit the toe with increases at a tighter gauge than the rest of the sock and often change to a smaller needle after the increases are done. Working a pair of house/slipper socks in worsted as your first pair to get the hang of what’s going on is a good idea. That’s what I did.

Another knit to fit

I was not going to put in all the work of learning how and actually knitting socks to not have them fit. I’ve yet to see a pattern I think would actually fit my weird feet. I saw all kinds of convoluted, confusing methods to figure out how to knit socks that fit, then stumbled across Lifestyle Socks. I was chasing down blog posts. It was worth it.

ETA there are a number of ways to do a closed cast on to start the toe. If you don’t like what is in the patterns we can help you find one you like better. I use Judy’s magic cast on and never did get the hang of doing a Turkish cast on which is usually considered easier to learn and do.


There were some good suggestions here in addition to GGs, above:

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Thanks so much for the suggested Ravelry pattern. After I complete my current project, I’m going to give it a try.

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What is Liat Gat?

Liat Gat is knitter who has lots of tutorials and patterns. I only care about the stuff that’s free. One of her patterns is where I learned to do a a gusseted faux heel flap toe up. For my socks I do a very high and then some instep gusset. Told you my feet are weird. :wink: When you embark upon this new great adventure don’t be shy about asking questions. I expect one of your first, after you get going and whatever you need to ask about there, will be about heels. You can do a toe and start knitting the foot while considering heel options. Of course you might opt to go for cuff down and that’s cool; you can still think about which heel while knitting the leg. I rarely do cuff down because I hate swatching, casting on, getting going, then finding out I still suck at basic arithmetic and have to rip it all out.

About Liat Gat


Cool name.
Thanks again for the info and time it took for you to answer me. And once I get started, I’ll know enough to ask a question.

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I’ve done several pair of socks. These have a tutorial to go with it. One is vanilla socks by crazy sock lady. Also one from Yumi yarns for kids and Marley bird has one for first pair of socks on dpn. I like the tutorials since I was totally inexperienced doing socks. Each one turned out fine and fit without a problem. I am fixing to start some slipper socks using yarnspiration cheerful cable socks using worsted weight. Should go pretty fast. The other socks all used fingering weight yarn and took awhile. Hope this helps. Actually I am currently working on a “slouch hat” and using magic loop for first time. I am not having any problems with that technique but the yarn has been a bit challenging, eco alpaca. Seemed loose but I’ve persevered on, and now that I am well into it, I think it will be fine. I was trying to avoid starting bor using purl but with the pattern there is literally no way so gaining experience with that.

Thanks for replying to my post.

I’ll definitely check out “first pair of socks on dpn.” I’ve never done magic loop and I think I’ll use dpns for the first try.

Good luck on the slouch hat/magic loop.

Thanks. It’s coming along. I just couldn’t see how it looked like the pattern but now that I’m into the 2nd, 7 row repeat I can see it. But another option to dpn’s are flexible dpn’s. But they are kind of pricey, like double cost of regular dpn’s. But if you’ve been doing hats I’m sure you’ve used regular dpns. ( I personally like them). Actually I think all the patterns I listed used dpn’s except the kids socks, she instructed using the flexible ones and since that was my first toe up socks I used the flexible ones.

I actually have flexible dpns and I know how to use them. But the smallest size I have is 2. Maybe the pattern I pick will call for a 2. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I like!

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Cute. I’ll add it to the list of possible “first socks.” Thanks😊

Adult Basic Sock by Ann Norling, can find it on ralvery. It includes instructions for three gauges of yarn. That was the pattern a coworker gave me to get me back into knitting again. It’s pretty easy to follow.

Thank you for the suggestion.

It appears to be out of print.

I don’t know where you’re located but there are copies available in the US.

Great! I guess I didn’t search long enough when I saw on Ravelry that it was out of print. Thanks for the link! And I’m in California.

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Thank you Salmonmac for finding that link!

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You’re most welcome. I like Ann Norling patterns although I haven’t used this one. Have fun with the socks and happy 2023!