My question is… which socks are more hard wearing for farmers boot socks …Aran or DK?
Thank you.

It depends on the yarn. The fluffier it is the faster it will get worn out. If both are the same tight spun then tightly knitted Aran is better.

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Engblom I’m considering Novita, one is aran and other is dk. I think I will try both and have the experience. I dont think the aran is that tightly spun. I will let you all know what way they knit up and perform. Thank you for replying

I know the Novita yarns very well (because they are made in my country and they are in every grocery store). Most of my socks are made with Novita 7 Brothers. The last pair I made on 3mm needles, so they are tight knitted.

Dear Engblom, thank you for replying. I’m very interested in creating a denser, more hard wearing sock fabric for welly boot and walking boot use. You used 3mm. Could I quiz you on stitch numbers and various foot sizes as you are a regular knitter of this beautiful yarn. Do you live in Finland?

Yes, I do live in Finland. For any shoe size between 39-41 and when knitting with 3mm needles and using 7 Brothers you could try to have 56s around the foot itself (between gusset and toes). Depending on how tight or loose you knit you might have to do some adjustments from that.

EDIT: My wife who is knitting looser than me would use just 52s.

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Thank you for replying. Its lovely that you both are knitters. I will use your st count when l begin them.

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