Socks with #10 thread

Can you use #10 cotton crochet thread for socks? I live in the deep south and we rarely have a call for thick socks at all, let alone wool! My husband wants me to knit him a pair of socks, and he likes the thinnest socks you can find. I have more #10 cotton thread lying around in my stash than I’ll ever use, so that’s where the thought came from. If it’s possible, does someone know where I could find a pattern? Thanks!

You can make socks out of any kind or size of fiber you want! Just remember that sock yarn is made specifically for socks so it is both stretchy and soft. Your #10 cotton thread isn’t either! The lack of stretch can be fixed by adding an elastic thread while you knit. The softness issue is a little more complicated. If your needle size results in the proper gauge (stitch count per inch), it might result in a fabric that feels rough on your feet. To fix that you might need to use smaller needles to make smaller, closer together stitches which, of course, will through off your gauge which means you’ll have to adjust the number of stitches… and well, you can see what I mean by complicated! But give it a try and do a swatch and see how it turns out! After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

thanks for that…I actually found a sock pattern that is specifically for cotton thread, using two strands. I did a swatch, and I’m happy enough with that to continue. The pattern is for socks on two straight needles, with a seam…something I’d never heard of…all of the socks I’ve knitted before were on dpn’s, but I think I’m going to give this a go and see how it works out.

Any other advice or input welcome!

No imput, except to add that I hope you post it in the Watcha’ Knitting thread with photos, when you are finished.

Good luck~~