Socks : Top down vs.toe up

I really like knitting socks top down, but I would like to try a pair of toe up. Just wondering what others liked better. Thanks!!

I know a lot of people like going toe up so they can keep a closer watch on how much yarn they have left and then make the cuff a shorter length if need be.

I like either way :happydance:

Although my favorite toe up cast on are the provisional and figure 8 (this is another matter of opinion though)

ETA: my favorite toe up bind off is Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Sewn Cast off

I just completed my first pair of top down magic loop socks.

Now I am working on 2 at once, toe up socks. I have found this tutorial/ pattern that lets you calculate an EXACT fit for the socks. I :heart: this pattern!

I also tried Judy’ Magic cast on and I love it. There is a great video on YouTube on how to do it. I really, really like I don not have to go back and graft, or kitchener stitch.

I prefer top down because I like the heel better and I really like to do the kitchener stitch. I know. I’m odd.

I do not like toe-up heels with the whole “wrap and turn” hoo-ha. I do like doing “Judy’s magic cast-on” however, which is the only reason why I’d do a toe-up sock. That and, since learning of the super stretchy bind off, I’ll probably try another toe-up pattern. But I’ll continue mostly doing top down.

I like to go cuff -->down.

I agree with sunshine, I love doing the kitchener’s stitch at the end XD

I have tried toe up and not been successful. Maybe another day. So I really do prefer top down socks because I know that best and now that I know how to do the Kitchner stitch, my socks look good. I’ve always got socks OTN. :slight_smile:

You could work a gusset heel backwards like in this sock pattern…I also like the Sherman short row heelno wrapping…no hole

I’ve done both and like both ways. I have to follow a pattern for toe up at this point, but I can do top down w/o a pattern which is nice. Try both and see which you prefer.

I’ve only made toe down socks. Couldn’t get the hang of the figure 8 cast on for toe up. But being able to adjust the cuff so you don’t run out of yarn might be a big enough incentive for me to learn.

Toe-up two at a time with magic loop. I used to make socks one at a time from the cuff down and I am sooo A.D.D. that it was almost impossible for me to make 2 socks of the same length/size. My LYS owner patiently walked me through magic loop, two at a time toe-up and I’ve never looked back.

It depends on my mood. I like both methods.

Toe up for me; with all my foot problems, it’s easier to increase, decrease, or add length as needed. Plus, it wows my friends when I take my knitting places.

“TWO at a time, toe up? Fantastic!”

Or as one [U]Princess Bride[/U] fan put it, “Inconceivable!”

Yes, if yarn is at all short, I go toe up. But mostly I knit top down because my rib cast offs are too tight. Looking for a really great stretchy rib cast off!

I like both! Kitchener stitch is cool once you get the hang of it but toe up is fun too. Don’t ever do one at a time socks, though. It’s 2-at-a-time all the way for me :woot: