Socks that rock club

i’ve been listening to socks in the city podcast, and i keep hearing about this socks that rock club. so i went to blue moon’s website, and it says it isn’t open, and there’s no indication that it will open again.
anybody have any idea when that will happen again?

nope, but i totally blame carrie for my obssession with everything that is sock knitting! :roflhard: i’m already :drool: over the raven series, and all i’ve seen in that little picture on the site. you don’t want to know how many socks i’ve decided i have to knit, especially now that i’ve discovered a lys with sock yarn. :eyes:

Membership is closed for 2007, but they’ll probably open up membership sometime in November or December for 2008.
I wanted to join but couldn’t afford to spend that much right after Christmas. I can’t remember exactly how it works but I believe if you sign up as a member of their community they’ll notify you when they open up membership.