Socks question - better knit or crochet?

DH always complains that all the socks he bought in the markets are too thin and they slides off his legs. I think I want to make a pair of socks to see if he still complains. What is the best material for a pair of thick socks? Knit or crochet? Any cool plain patterns to recommand? :XX:

Uh… I don’t think I’d crochet them. Crochet is full of holes. You could knit him some with worsted or DK and they’d be thicker. :roflhard: :roflhard:

The pattern in Silver’s sock class is a nice, simple pattern. You could try a double knitting, or worsted weight yarn, to make the socks thick. I’ve never crocheted, so I don’t know how crocheted socks would be. Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

:smiley: I knit all of my socks, I don’t crochet, although, I’ve seen several crochet patterns for socks. Many knitters have had great success with Silver’s sock tutorial…have fun!
Oh, u can find manyfree sock patterns here.

Crochet patterns for socks are harder to find than knit ones. I haven’t crocheted any yet, but the nature of typical crochet makes it less stretchy than a comparable knit one, as well as thicker. If you want the thickness of a crocheted sock, I would look to make sure the pattern had something built in to it so that it stretches more. If you find any interesting crocheted patterns, post them here please, I’d love to take a look.

Silver’s site is really helpful. Now how do I increase the size to a men’s size 11.5 ?

If you check out knittingpatterncentral, there’s a number of sock made with Wool-ease. They would certainly be thick enough and I’m sure they would have a man’s pattern. When I was looking for my first sock pattern, everything I googled came up using wool-ease and I had all this beautiful sock yarn!

This site is helpful if u know the shoe size. Generally speaking, u would get the circumference of the foot (measure around the ball of the foot, this is normally the largest part of the foot) and multiply it by your gauge & subtract 5% for a snug fit or add 5% for a loose fit, then round up or down to the closest # divisible by 4 (if u r going to begin with a 2x2 ribbing) and cast on this # For example, if the foot circumerence is 9.5 and your gauge is 8 sts per inch, 9.5x8=76, if u want a snug fit, decrease by 5%, which is 3.8, so decrease by 4, cast on 72, which is also divisible by 4.
I hope this is helpful :wink:

Try these!
I’ve made 5 pairs and everyone loves them. I didn’t bother with the stripes and they knitted up really fast on 7’s and 8’s

I made a pair of crochet socks a while back they were very uncomfortable. I would definatly go with knitting. :thumbsup:

I’ve recently started on my first pair of knitted socks. I’ve decided to make this pair for myself, so I can see how comfy they are before making them for others. This particular pattern is from a class I took last weekend. It calls for worsted weight Wool Ease yarn, from Lion Brand. I guess that’s because it’s a beginner friendly pattern.

I’ve never crocheted any socks, but one Christmas, my sister crocheted everyone a pair of slippers. they were the cutest things, but they were so uncomfortable. It really hurt to walk in them. I don’t know if it was the yarn she used, the pattern, or simply the fact they were crocheted.

Don’t misunderstand. I love crocheted things. I was just speaking of these particular slippers.

Thanks guys. You are all so helpful ! I’m sure I can get something done one of these days… :wink: