Socks on circular needles

I am knitting socks for the first time and decided to use 9" circular needles instead of the DPN. As I finished the cuff I realized I liked the look of the inside stitches better and assumed it was the right side. But as unkept following the pattern i realized the right side is facing out. Is it possible to knit the sock inside out (aka purl when the pattern says to knit) to make the inside the right side?

It’s entirely possible. It’s also possible to knit inside out on purpose by holding the loop toward you and the needles away, if that makes any sense–just knit the pattern as written, but with the needles held away from your body. (WIsh I could give you a picture, because it’s self-explanatory when you see it.)

Some people knit socks inside out on purpose because any grunge or snags you encounter get on the skin side, not the “public” side of the sock.