Socks on Circ...2 different size needles?

Hi…I’m a very new knitter and am making my first ever pair of socks on 2 circular needles. I bought the book “socks soar on two circular needles” and thought I was ready to go. Now I’m here with my pair of size 2 circs and some beautiful yarn. I’ve cast on and connected the stitches. I’m on my way! But now, reading the pattern, it says to make the leg of the sock ribbing “on larger needles” for 6 inches with k2, p2. Larger needles? It didn’t tell me to buy larger needles. Was I to know this? What do I need? It doesn’t specify. It’s all on the 2 circular needles size 2. Ok…breathe in …breathe out… can anyone clarify this for me? thanks!!!
Sadie may be sunk… [/b]

I knit all of my socks on 2 circs and I’ve never switched sizes mid-sock. I use the same size from beginning to end :thumbsup:

Thanks, Julie!! I’m on way to making a sock! I hope I can do this! Thanks again.