Socks Hard?

Hi.I was wondering if you guys think that socks are hard because a friend of
mine that is a knitter says that they are very hard and that the heel is to but i don’t think so because i did a heel on a sock before and it was easy. But how about the rest of the parts a sock has.I would like to prove my friend wrong.

If you can do the heel you can do the whole sock. The heel is the hardest part. Go for it! :wink:

OMG knitting socks are sooooo fun!!! I say go for it!!! I’m so glad that I learned how to do socks while I was a beginner knitter. I know a knitter that has been knitting longer than me, and she’s afraid to do socks because she thinks they’re hard.

Do it socks are so fun and knit up really fast!!! :cheering:

I think that if you already know how to knit in the round, socks are EASY. If you are just learning to knit in the round and are using dpns, it can be challenging at first. That said, there are lots of basic sock patterns that are quick knits and once you get the hang of it, it is fun and gets easier and easier as you learn the basic construction of a sock. There are also lots of difficult, challenging sock patterns for once you’re bored of the basics!

Socks…hard?! Nonsense :shock:

As a total sock newbie (I’m kitchenering my first toe tonight in a class I’m taking), I can say they’re much easier than I expected them to be! Really once you break it down into parts none of them are that hard. It’s only when you think of the whole heel flap-turn-gusset as one big step that it gets intimidating. But it’s not like you’re doing all of them at once. Everyone should knit socks! :smiley:

If you can cast on, knit, and purl, you can knit socks…Sock Class :smiley:

Says our resident Sock Queen! :angelgrin:

Socks look much MUCH harder than they actually are. Use Silver’s tutorial. And if you’ve already done a heel, then you’ve done the hardest part! (And what I think is the most fun part–suddenly that tube has sockness!!)

Socks are MUCH easier than I expected…I’m finishing the 2nd sock of my 4th pair…and I plan on buying more sock yarn in the near future…hafta get ready for winter!

I’ve recently made my first pair of socks and it wasn’t half as hard as I expected. It was my first circ knitting and knitting with dpns was a bit hard in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it really quickly.

For me, socks were just another hurdle to jump in my knitting adventures. I dove right in with fingering yarn and small needles and haven’t looked back since. I’m now addicted to making them since they make such a great take-along project.

And as for are they difficult? Like anything else “new”, there’s a learning curve, but the fear of making my first socks was much harder to overcome than the actually knitting of them. The only real struggle I had was paying very close attention to my pattern for the heel turn since I’d never done short rows before.

the hardest part is turning the heel, and that’s not hard at all. Just follow the pattern and don’t worry about not transfering all your stitches to the other needle. It’s fun! If I can do it, you can- I’m a total shaping newbie. :slight_smile:

Totally OT: Betweenshades…your avatar is hilarious! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I never would have figured out socks if I hadn’t taken a few classes at my LYS. I learned how to knit them from the Toe Up and its been a breeze since it “clicked” in my brain what I was doing and why!! The Provisional Caston threw me until I “got it” then it all made sense. The heel is no problem at all for me. :XX: :XX:

TA! :slight_smile:

I wish I could take credit for it. :wink:

So far, socks for me are hard – the reason? I just cannot get the hang of DPN’s. So I’ve been looking at a few tutorials of how to do them on circular needles, but I haven’t attempted it yet.

I think once I finally understand the different parts of the sock and how they are worked, I will get it. I just have to find a good tutorial first…

Silver’s sock tutorial is wonderful, though the images are static. You might try watching Amy’s sock videos–the heel turn and gusset. They helped me a lot to see the construction of the heel turn and gusset and thus understand what the heck I was doing!

Silver’s tutorial
Amy’s video (scroll down the page a bit)