Socks for flip flops

Hi All,
Can anyone direct me to a non-toe up pattern for flip-flop socks, aka ‘thong socks’, aka ‘split toe socks’? I searched for one on the pattern page, but the link is dead.

I found thispattern but I couldn’t figure out if it was a cuff down…or toe up… you might be able to contact them and see though…:thumbsup:

I hit submit to fast…I’m still looking for others :teehee:

ETA: Looks like there is a book you might be able to check out at your local library ‘Not Just More Socks’…I’m not sure if they are cuff down either…

I did find a few free ones but they are all toe up…
Another Knitty

Thanks dustinac…maybe this is a sign for me to learn/attempt the toe-up. I will look for the book, though, too.

:happydance: I had my doubts about trying toe up…but after I did it was so much easier than what I thought…if you have any questions just ask :thumbsup:

no toes here

found one still available in archives
Summer Sock Collection
picture if that link doesn’t show pics.

Thanks Jints …that is exactly what I was looking for…I’ll get started on these pretty soon.

thanks! i will thank you too! those linx are awesome dustinac! :yay:

I found more - and this one you have to find the booklet for