Socks For Dummies?

Does anyone know of a good site that explains how to knit socks that explains it in a way a knitting idiot such as myself can understand it?

While I am still working on my first scarf, I am doing some reading up on future projects. I’ve read numerous sock patterns and such and can’t make heads or tails of them, especially the part regarding the heel.

I have yet to even attempt this but when I do (awaiting my Ebay DPN’s) this is the site I will go to

Good luck and have fun with your knitting!

Have you got the DVD of this site?

It has more than just this site - and one of the bonus extra’s is a video on how to knit a sock from beginning to end - every stitch explained.

I haven’t done it yet but I’ve watched it and it looks really good.

Hope to start one before long.


I vote for silver’s sock class (the link figaro gave)

It’s a great tutorial on how to knit socks.

Silver wrote her sock class especially for brand new knitters :thumbsup:

Silver’s Sock class is really good…I just used it to try socks for the first time and it explained the stuff I was was fuzzy on from reading other patterns really well.

My first ever sock was made using Silvers sock tutorial and DPNS that I had made myself using dowel and the video from this site to see how to make them.

It was a lot of fun. I then started “proper” socks using sock yarn (the original sock was using thick DK acrylic yarn so I could practice and rip on something cheap and cheerful) using silvers tutorial again. I have yet to finish that sock. I found working on DPNS awkward and uncomfortable (fiddly) and it hurt my hands, so I bought Cat Bordhi’s “socks soar on two circular needles” - this showed me very simply how to cast on, set up the rounds and do the sock. I made some mistakes but they added to the charm of my first proper socks. I gave the socks to my mother and they did indeed soar on two circs.

I then bought “Sensational Knitted Socks” by Charlene Schurch, which has been like a bible for me. It is very good and tells you how to measure feet for the correct size socks and how many stitches to cast on etc.

I recommend Silvers Tutorial to get used to socks - you could get sensational knitted socks too and do the “Practice sock” in there - it is a small child size sock that is great for learning all about sock construction on. You get to see each section of the sock, how it gets put together and how it all comes out to make a sock.

Good luck Mason with your first socks =D Socks ROCK! Also there are MANY "AHA!!! moments which make them so rewarding =D

My first sock was the “Class Sock” from Sensational Knitted Socks, which Mulene mentions. It’s great because it discusses sock construction and helps you understand how to change things to fit different size feetsies and even start your own designs.

Knitty has some tutorials. I knit from the toe up on 2 circs and I found the Knitty articles very helpful. I think there are 2 or 3 articles.

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Nadja xxx

Silvers sock class explains each step with very detailed instructions.

I used Silver’s Sock Class for my first, too. It’s pretty easy to understand and you always have KH to come to with questions. I’m not positive about sizing on these socks though since they fit me.

Also… I’ve read that some people start with a baby sock and this seems to be the one most linked to is this one.

I started my very first sock ever! :cheering: I’m using this pattern It’s pretty easy!

Wow, some great information. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. I’ll check out Silver’s instructions.

I haven’t yet ordered the DVD from KH, but plan to do so in the near future as I need all the help I can get. LOL

I like the idea of knitting the sock from the toe up as it seems that it would be easier to size it correctly. I’ll have to look into that once I learn the basics for socks.

I wear a lot of wool socks working outside during the Winter and I think it would be great to make my own.

silvers’ tutuorial looks excellent. I just read through most of it right now and want to start. How funny. Socks weren’t really on my list yet, although I’ve heard once you do them, you’ll love them as I guess they are much quicker projects then blankets and sweaters. Can’t wait to start. And the mixed colors for socks are so fun!

Mason, you are going to LOVE knitting and wearing your very own socks in winter. I have two pairs and I adore wearing them. I’ve sworn I will not return to shop bought socks again!

I have two pairs of socks to knit - one for sockitines swap and the other for my boss. I planned on doing his over Christmas and giving them to him on Wednesday for his birthday - alas flu hit me and they have not yet been started.

After I do these two pairs of socks, my next sock will be toe up. THEN I plan on doing toe up two socks at once on two circs :teehee: A challenge if there ever was one!

Can’t wait to see you try socks =D they are, IMO, the instant gratification in knitting and people always say “WOW you knit socks, aren’t they really really hard to do?” If only they knew =D I was scared of socks once, thinking “woah too hard” but I have to say - once you know how its easy peasy =D

Socks don’t look easy but I’m definitely going to give them a try. I read through Silver’s lesson, but frankly I was a bit confused on the joining part.

I have a set of DPNS, still in the package, and some blue yarn I bought with the idea of using it for socks, I just have to get the whole 4 needles concept straight in my head before trying it.

I’ve looked at the Silver tutorial and everyone raves about how easy it is, but, I’m not too good at sitting at the computer and knitting so I just followed this pattern:

It was really simple and just followed the pattern step by step. Really the hardest part was measuring my own foot.

The Silver sock is the way to go. I tried 2 different sock patterns (from booklets I purchased at JoAnn) and they didn’t come out too well - but the Silver sock patter was easy and very well illustrated!

Hello, I went to the site and can’t find how to purchase the DVD. Can you point me in the right direction?

Amy doesn’t have the videos on DVD yet. You can go here to order the CD-rom