Socks for big foot

My husband has been begging for a pair of socks. The first pair I knit him fit well, but they are knit on size 4 needles and he feels they are too thick to wear with shoes. I bought some city socks (wisdom yarns maui) to make him a pair but cannot seem to find a pattern that will fit his foot. He has what I will call a deep heel - from his heel to the front of his ankle is always tight in store bought socks and if I am going to knit a pair I would like to be able to customize them and make them be a custom fit…any thoughts on how to modify a pattern to increase the fit there?

I hope someone answers this because I have the same problem with my feet. Most patterns are made for size 7 it seems but…my problem isn’t so much the length as it is getting them on. Same problem your hubby has.

What comes to mind to me is to make the heel flap longer and then you would pick up more stitches for the gusset. Say you have 30 stitches for the heel and would normally work for 30 rows, I would increase it by 6-10 rows and then you would pick up an extra 3-5 stitches per side and then work the foot.

My husband has big feet (size 11 1/2) and I had the same problem as you with trying to find a decent pattern. My solution was knitting toe-up. With that, you can customize all you want!

I use this "recipe: