Socks foot size to cuff

I understand how to knit socks, turn heel etc.

My question is about the size of a sock, knitted cuff to the rest of it. My socks start out fine (top down) but when I get to the foot, they seem to balloon out and the foot part seems huge.

No I am not adding increases. I just frogged a sock I was knitting for my 4 year old g-son. Using Anne Budd’s book Handy Book of Patterns. Cast on 52, gauge is correct. Cuff looks perfect for his lower leg.

Turned the heel and halfway into the foot the sock looks like it would fit a six year old.

I know ribbing pulls in. This has also happened on a pair of socks for my DH.

Any tips?

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You might try measuring around the foot, usually at the ball of the foot to see if the gauge and the measurement you do will give the size sock you want. It’s the measurement at 11a in this link
You could always adjust the foot by adding decreases after the heel. For that matter you could adjust the heel to if necessary so it won’t be loose too.
There are some tips here that may help, too.

Thank you, the measuring for custom socks article was particularly helpful, especially the help for length and measurements around.

You’ve gotten good help. I can offer a couple of thoughts from my experience.

I have long narrow feet. When I do socks for myself I typically have 58 sts per sock. That many stitches for a small child seems like an awful lot to me.

Knitting toe up allows you to knit to fit. If you want to know more, you can ask.