Socks fit for a king!

Actually they are socks fit for a Mister King - my boss =D He is such a lovely man, he has had an ex member of staff write a song about him (Mr King by Nerina Pallot) and he has had me make him an irish hiking scarf. Now I have made his socks.

These socks are to be worn each weekend when he goes home to his wife in Scotland and does the gardening. He was pleased with them =D

I used Online Supersocke Winter.

Wow, they’re great! I really love the masculine coloring - perfect for a nice boss! :smiley: He’s lucky to have such an amazing employee!!

Beautiful socks, and a perfect fit. I hope he appreciates you!

Well aren’t you nice! They look awesome!

Those are some super socks! The fit is perfect and the stripes match up beautifully too. How nice of you!

Really nice! I think that calls for a raise :wink:

I wish i had a boss i would like to knit for! Lovely socks!!! :cheering:

:teehee: he is a nice boss. He will retire soon I think which will be a sad day for me. I just recently got a raise and a company car (after being headhunted and deciding to stay where I am) and he talked to the chairman about it so he deserved the socks =D

LOVELY, in a manly kind of wayl

Spectacular looking socks!

What beautiful socks! I just love that yarn!

Cool! You said they were for your boss right? Did he give you a raise? LOL! :rofling:

ROFL thats why I knitted the socks, he’d given me a car :wink: :teehee:

Nice!!! :slight_smile:

Very nice socks and sounds like he deserves them. You’re lucky to have a nice boss.

I like my bosses but don’t think they would appreciate my handknitted socks. :think: :shrug: :??

Those are great! I want to make some socks for my DH, but I’m not sure he will actually wear them!

I wasn’t sure about my boss but he did ask for them; he has a hand knit pair in angora :shock: I can imagine them shedding like mad and not lasting long :teehee:

Anyway I was saying to people at work, once you wear hand knit made to measure socks you won’t want to go back to the ill fitting commercially produced socks. I think it was that which swung my boss. Just make your hubby a pair, don’t tell him they are for him and then just get him to try them on.

My boss choose this colourway himself, so I was guaranteed it would be ok for him to have stripes. My boss is fascinated with self striping yarns he can’t work out how they can produce the pattern as they do. I’d suggest doing your hubbies socks in a plain colour to start before you go for the crazy stripes =D

I’d also suggest a 4 ply yarn, something from Regia would be good. That yarn comes up very well and is much thinner than these winter weight 6 ply socks for my boss.


I’ve never knit socks, but I’m very impressed with the fit.

Did you have to measure his feet? (That would be weird…hello, Mr.King, could you please take off your shoes so I can find out how wide your feet are? Don’t worry, I won’t tickle.) :lol: Or did the pattern just have a S,M, or L size ?

hehe well for the lovely Mr King, I measured. It took some doing actually - he has rather dainty feet. The sock pattern is in 3 sizes, childs, womens and mens. The mens was vastly too big for him, so I adjusted the womens (which was too small) and changed the number of stitches cast on.

This produced a sock that was a decent fit (I was surprised myself!). I actually started these in May but he was out of the office a lot and I had to keep making him try it on towards the end to ensure I got the right length for the foot and toe. Once I had one done it was easy to follow the first to make the second.

Tying Mr King down however to try the socks on was another matter. He has a very posh English accent, the sort you would find in old black and white British movies with Gentlemen in! If you can imagine that accent and him saying “Oh do I really have to try this on again? It’s Soooo tiresome and I’ve not cut my toe nails so I’m going to be all embarrassed!” :teehee: He really is super charming and lovely :slight_smile: