Socks are on my needles now

I am knitting a pair of socks for me since the baby items are finished. I have made 2 pairs already . One pair of white and one pair of Dove Heather in Stroll Fingering yarn from Knit picks. the color that is currently on the needle is Blue Topaz… I wore the Dove heather ones today to my Daylily club meeting and every one was surprised that I made them. My feet stayed nice and warm with the chilly temperatures we have had the last few days.

Oh, Daylilly, photo please. The colors sound wonderful and we need all the warmth we can get around here. Even a photo of hand knit socks will help.

As soon as I finish the one on the needle I will take a picture and post it. blue Topaz will only be one sock since I am just finishing the first sock of the pair. I only knit one at a time but I don’t let the second sock syndrome hit me.

As promised here is a photo

Those look lovely.