Hi Everyone,

I really LOVE this pattern but I am not an experienced sock knitter … does anyone know where I can find a pattern like this that gives detailed instructions?

Thank you!


Here is a toe-up sock pattern:

Two At Once, Toe-Up Sock Pattern

For this sock, I use the Turkish Cast-on.

Those should get you up to speed with the rest of the sockette pattern. Those are really cute, BTW. Post pics when you’re done!

Okay, could we change our definition a bit and call these “slippers” instead of “sockettes?”

If so, here’s a pattern that’s a pretty good replica of the one you’re looking for – no sock-knitting skills needed.

Not that you shouldn’t learn to knit socks, but if you want these Mary Janes NOW, this may be the way to go. :teehee:

Wow!! Thanks you guys … I am going to try a pair of those tonight … I might even try the felted ones!


I just wanted to caution about the craftster pattern. It IS really easy and quick but I have to say that it doesn’t produce a very well-fitting slipper. Because aside from a few decreases at the top of the rectangle, there is no shaping whatsoever and I found that the slippers would not stay on my heel at the top, and the bottom of the heel was pointy.

Here’s a few more patterns, the first one free, the second one not free: