I’m in the midle of my first sock. I am using Silver’s sock tutorial and Opal sock yarn. So far so good. I just turned the heel this evening! :happydance:
I can’t seem to drum up any excitement over that on the home front, so I’m sharing that little tid bit with you all.

As I xxx I find myself contemplatng socks. I want to try toe up and I want to try 2 socks at once. What are the opinions here of Cat Bohrdi’s sock book? I’m not sure I have the last name spelled correctly. Anyway, at Amazon the reviews are very mixed. I wondered what people here thought.



I can’t give you an opinion on the book, but I can join in your sock excitement! :cheering:

Congratulations! It really is a great feeling when you make your first pair of socks. :cheering:

I’ve got Cat’s sock book. Cat admits it herself, that you really don’t need her book. It has a very simple instruction on how to knit with two circs. Then it goes to a few patterns. My advice: borrow the book if you want a peak at patterns or need some help with two circ sock knitting. Splurge on Sensational Knitted Socks, which has plenty of patterns using two circs and DPNs. Cat’s book isn’t expensive, but it really isn’t needed.

My two cents. And I :heart: knitting socks on two circs.

Socks are so much fun! Yay for you!

Congratulations on you first sock. :cheering:

Here iscybersocks, 2 Socks on 2 Circulars. This was where I learned. I love knitting socks this way. They are very portable which makes them addictive.

WTG with knitting your 1st sock, how exciting!!!
I immediately thought you meant Cat’s new sock book was released and I didn’t know about it! But, as for her book, I’ve heard that it’s great, I personally love knitting socks on 2 circs, but I didn’t learn from her book but rather a video. If you are looking for your 1st sock book I highly recommend Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks, it’s chock full of socknitting info.

Turning the heel on your sock is SO COOL!!! :woohoo:

I always get excited at that part, because it feels like “real” knitting!

Oooh, turning the heel is such a great accomplishment!. Once I did that I couldn’t stop until I got that thing finished! I just couldn’t wait to have my first sock done! Sharing your excitement.