Sock yarn

I am really into knitting socks at the time. I found a pattern that called for Bernat Berella which is 100% acrylic. I thought you didn’t make socks with acrylic? If someone could clear this up for me it would be much appriciated. Teri

I think you can make socks out of whatever you want, but they’ll have some different washing/wearing characteristics…I feel like acrylic socks would make my feet sweat???

I agree with Kemp. I don’t think I would like socks made from acrylic but you certainly can.

The camo socks I’m making for my family for Christmas are all made with Bernat Sox which is a 60/40 acrylic/nylon blend. The two pair I made for my daughters a while back have had no complaints… other than “When do we get more, Mom?”.

I agree, you can make socks out of whatever you want, but I have to give my honest opinion here. I have used Bernat Berella and it was not a nice yarn to work with. Not very soft and kind of scratchy. I am not against acrylics, in fact Bernat has some other very nice ones (like Bernat Satin, also a worsted weight like Berella) but Berella wouldn’t be my first choice.

I have to concur with the Berella. I had forgotten all about that since I avoid it like the plague, and it’s not available at WM anyway! {That’s where I buy 99% of my acrylic yarn} I made a commissioned afghan out of it once. I gave the lady the yarn requirements and told her to go get the yarn. She chose Berella. I HATED nearly every single stitch I did with it. I normally use my leftover WW acrylics for one of my constant scrap afghans, but in this case I sent every last tidbit of the leftover yarn to my kids’ school for their craft centre. I wasn’t even going to donate it to our local charity knitters… why would I subject a fellow {or fellette?? LOL} crafter to the horrors of that stuff!

Wool-ease is a nice acrylic/wool blend that knits easily, gets nice and soft in the wash (no special washing instructions), and makes lovely socks. The socks are a bit thicker than regular socks, though, but they aren’t chunky. Wool-ease doesn’t make my feet sweat, either. Yay for that! :smiley:

Where do you get Wool ease, I don’t think I have ever seen it. My husband wants thicker socks, he works outside in the middle of winter and could use warmer socks.

HObby Lobby or Michaels usually has it.

I’ve even seen woolease at WalMart, and Joann’s but I used to buy mine @ Michaels most of the time :wink: