Sock yarn?

Help!! Can someone tell me what it is. What to look for. Is it expensive? If so, why pay that much for socks? I can’t wear closed toe socks and looking for some ideas on how to fix my problem. Wanted to learn to knit socks, but if it is expensive, I can’t afford to do it. Is ther any place to find it cheap?

You can get enough yarn for a pair of socks at a craft store for around $10. I know at Hobby Lobby the sock yarn is all together. I don’t know how much is runs at other stores, but I’m sure they’re somewhere in that neighborhood. This way, they’re personalized just for you!

Sock yarn is in the same category as fingering weight yarn, it generally uses size 1 to 3 needles. It can range in price from $2.75 (on sale) to $20.00, price usually depends on what type of fiber was used to make the skein, how much there is, whether its hand dyed or machine dyed, etc. Your best bet is to go to your LYS (if possible) and or the store where you purchase yarn and check out what they have to offer (a lot of sock yarns have the word socks or sox on them); also, see if your local library has any sock making books or if they can request a few books for you through an inter-library loan.

By the by, Patons has a toe-less sock pattern here:

and Knitty has one also:

Good luck.

I am currently making a pair of socks using Knit Picks essential sock yarn. I believe it is about $4.50 per skein and you need two skeins to make a pair of socks. If you are considering making an order from there (or know someone who is), the shipping is free on an order of $50 or more. I’ve heard of lots of people who combine their orders into one with friends to get the free shipping. I also feel like $9-$10 for a pair of socks is pretty good.

At Joanns, Michael and Hobby Lobby you could find inexpensive sock yarn (especially if it’s on sale or with a coupon) or use sport or fingering weight. Some people use HL’s baby delight yarn for socks. The main thing is it has to be knit tightly, on size 1 or 2. Yarn made for socks is usually wool plus nylon so it wears better, but you can use most thin yarns and they stand up pretty well.

Socks can be made with any yarn

[B]Sock yarn[/B] is a fine, strong yarn.
often tightly spun, machine washable, and re-enforced with nylon.

An cousin (by marriage) made ‘boot liner socks’ (to wear with LLBean’s hunting boots) out of worsted.

you can also (if you are a glutton for punishement!) make socks from cashmere… (a super soft yarn, that has to be hand washed,and the socks wear out in a few wearing!)

Yes there are expensive hand painted sock yarns…

but Patons Kroy, or Lion Brands sock yarn, or Coats & Clarks Heart & sole (all 75% or so wool) are great sock yarns, at a great price… (ie about $5 or less per ball–2 balls for a pair)

and the price becomes “better” when you buy 1 ball 40%–or both at a 25% off sale!

As has been said you should be able to get a skein of sock yarn for less than $6 (US) from Joann’s, Micheal’s or A.C Moore’s. If you have one of these stores near you. Also watch the papers/web for coupons. These three stores accept each others coupons. 40% off one items seems to be a weekly coupon and 15-25% off the entire order is not uncommon.

This may have already been said since I didn’t have time to read the whole post but you should definitely look for a pattern for “Pedi Socks” they are socks that stop at the ball of your foot usually to be worn with flip flops for pedicures so your toes are exposed to polish but your feet are warm. Good luck, wish I had more time to type!

Thank you all. I did find the pedi sock pattern. I will try. I have been practicing with regular yarn. And was wondering why it was so big. I know know because of the yarn size. I still have yet to finish one at all. Is there any really easy websits or videos that would help a newbie?
Thanks again!! Wanda

Wanda the video’s here (check the menu line at the top) are execlent also there is the Silver Sock Class that is very good.

If you have questions there are a number of threads here that are very good and filled with people that are good and willing to help newbie and experienced alike. They even talk to me.

Hi again! :slight_smile:

Are you a visual learner who needs pictures? I am. I picked up the [I]Teach Yourself Visually: Sock Knitting[/I] book from my local Boarders, but I know you can order it on and find it in other places. I learned all of my basic knitting skills from [I]Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting[/I], also. I love these books because they have clear illustrations for every single step and teach you everything you need to know.

The [I]Sock Knitting[/I] book is wonderful because it teaches you all of the different ways to knit socks: on DPNs, magic loop using one circular needle, two circular needles, and even how to knit flat socks on straights! You also learn the anatomy of a sock, two different kinds of heels (making a heel flap and short-row heels), and finishing techniques. If you are a visual learner and feel comfortable learning from a book, I HIGHLY recommend this book to learn socks.

Good luck! :thumbsup: