Sock yarn that isn't wool

I would love to try a pair of socks but I am allergic to wool and would like to try something a little beefy and soft for my first pair…

I tried Cascades Fixations which is gorgeous, but the stitches are so small that I think I would be better off trying something a bit bigger to start. I also would have to try something with size 5 needles or up since the Denise Circs don’t go down any further…any ideas for yarn and an easy sock pattern… Maybe I will have to wait till I get some smaller needles. Have Boyes too, but wanted to try the two circ method. Thanks!

Do you think you could stand 75% acrylic and 25% wool? If so, try Ella Rae “Amity”, which is worsted weight or just slightly bulkier. Also, I use #6 needles to make somewhat beefy socks (in worsted weight yarn). For an easy sock pattern, I like the one in Elizabeth Kimmerman’s book “Knitting Without Tears”. I use the magic loop method, but haven’t yet tried the two circulars method (looks complicated).

I made MamaBear’s slipper socks as a Christmas gift for my fil and they are GREAT!

The direction are not for 2 circulars but I know someone here can help you convert it.

I don’t blame you for wanting to start with heavier yarn. I’ve made several pair over the years myself out of worsted weight yarn. I just want to share my experience with them. I made two pair of socks that are knee highs and nice and warm. They are acrylic I think. Anyway the big stitches make me feel like a princess. By that I mean I can feel every stitch, just like the princess could feel the pea under her mattress. LOL

I went to an outdoor evening wedding in late summer and decided to wear a pair with sandals to keep me warm after the sun went down. I know they are uncomfortable to walk in but knew I’d be sitting down most of the time (I do wear these socks, just not for much walking :-)) so thought they would be just the ticket. Here is a picture of my feet when I got home. They looked about the same on the tops of my feet as well.

So I’m just telling you this is my experience with large stitches. LOL Super soft yarn might be better, or sport weight might be a good compromise. It depends on the use you plan to put them to. Just be aware of this possibity if you go with worsted.

Thanks for sharing this picture! I will reconsider heavy worsted weight for socks to walk in! I hope your feet were warm and toasty at least.:slight_smile: