Sock Yarn Crochet Patterns?

Does anyone have any good patterns for sock yarn besides socks? My husband recently decided he wanted to learn how to knit socks so we got several skeins of sock yarn, but now he’s decided he’s not going to be able to do it because of his wrists. I need some patterns to use up the yarn.


Well, how much do you need to use up?

I found a crochet sweater vest pattern at that uses 2-ply (I think it is a UK term for light fingering/sock/sport weight yarn).


I just recently wrote about a sock yarn competition that Berocco is holding. You can read about it HERE and click on the links. Perhaps they will be sharing some of the patterns that are submitted for the contest.

Another website you might want to check out for inspiration is Dawn Sparks’ Fiddlesticks website. Click HERE. If you scroll through her site, you will find oodles of fabulous pieces she has done, a good deal of them granny squares but not your grandmother’s granny squares! She does some of her stuff in fingering weight and it is just lovely.


Thanks for that link, Mary Grace. Dawn’s color choices are amazing, and she has one of the cutest little pups ever!

Sock yarn is great for making baby booties. Or anything else that calls for fingering weight yarn. Just make sure that if the item is to be worn that the recipient isn’t allergic to wool. However, there are some sock yarns around that are made with acrylic (Berroco Comfort Sock is one).

Sock yarn also makes great coasters.

I made a doily using worsted weight for the center and sock yarn for the curls.

The curls were made with Kadffe(sp) sock yarn and it stripped very nicely.

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Where! Oh where! Can I find this pattern?

Hello Geoffrey,
It is a free pattern which you can find in the way back machine or this link

        I have made this and given it as a gift many times as friends love it. I have yet to make one for myself. One of these days.
        Good luck!
        Cheryl aka Mathwizard
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I sent you an email with a link to the pattern. If you lose it or something happens you will find the link through my Ravelry account which is under the name of Marhwizard as it is a featured pattern on Raverly.