Sock yarn comes with reinforcement thread?

I read somewhere that some sock yarns come with reinforcement thread. Can anyone enlighten me as to which brands do this?

Lang Jawoll does.

I think the nylon is considered a reinforcement thread. A lot of yarns have that. You can also add a reinforcement yarn to specific areas.

Reinforcement yarn

I knew about the nylon filament thread, but I was just curious to know which sock brands actually come with it included in the sock yarn. I read on a blog that it comes with it, but I know that not all brands do.

Thanks for the link though.

OOOH! Lanj Jawoll is SO PRETTY!

A quick search on Google…

Crystal Palace
Lorna’s Laces

There may be socks within each group that are NOT reinforced, but some are.

Oooh, thanks! I googled too, but I didn’t get any results!

It actually comes on a separate little spool inside the main yarn. You knit with them together on the heel and toe.

Yea, that’s exactly what I was asking about. I thought it was so neat to read about and I couldn’t believe it :smiley: