Sock yarn alternative

When there is a strong allergy to wwool, what do I use instead to knit socks??? The

Knit Picks has this cotton/acrylic fingering.

I’ve made socks with Comfy fingering and like them. Be aware that cotton yarn does not stretch the same as wool and a pattern written for stretchier yarn won’t work well. If acrylic socks are acceptable then you could make them with 100% acrylic.

You are fabulous! See? I’m the one who is the Grumpy Gramma!!! Have to specific, though.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Are you an experienced sock knitter? With cotton blend yarns I found that using a lacy rib pattern on the instep and and a very high instep gusset along with a few extra stitches was OK with cotton yarn. An all over rib pattern is good too. I work toe up and if using a cotton blend will more than double the sole stitches for the gusset. If you work a heel flap I’m guessing you could just make it longer so there are more picked up stitches for the gusset but I’ve never done a heel flap so take that with a grain of salt…or a whole shaker full. Trying them on is helpful too. On one pair I didn’t decrease out all the gusset stitches because the sock didn’t want to go over my heel. Gotta be adaptable.

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Yes, I have been knitting socks for years, but I just barely learned one has to use sock YARN!! Okay, so if I’m making a green variegated pair of socks, how much of what weight yarn should I get? And do you know of a good pattern to use that will direct me carefully and if you do, how can I get it? And what size needle?

I usually knit my socks a pair at a time on a long circular needle.

You are wonderful to help me!!!
Thank you!!!

Kerfuffle by (great grandma!)

True confession: I don’t use sock patterns. I learned from Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed and do my own thing, lately with a high instep gusset and Fleegle heel. As for yarn, do you mean cotton blend? I’ve used Knit Picks Comfy and Panda Cotton for socks successfully, both make thicker socks than the fingering wool blend I’m accustomed to. I do see some patterns on this Ravelry search I might check out.

How do you find that, @Mejs? I’ve been interested in doing it for things like fingerless mitts etc.

Good suggestion!

I’m working with the Comfy yarn! It:'s soft and feels great! Thanks!

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