Sock with short row heel - what's a good pattern to do?

I want to get back into knitting socks. All the ones I have ever done (many many ones… I never counted) had the heel cap. Now I have seen a lot of sock discussion with heels done in short rows.

I am now looking for a nice pattern to try it on.

I want to make warm socks (those that you wear around the house) so it shall be some medium to thicker yarn and not the classical thin sock yarn. The yarnbrand does not matter since I have to replace it with European yarn anyways.

Pretty much: I want to do the knitting to learn something and to have warm feet while knitting over the winter.

If it is a plain sock: the better, since then I can add in patterns or stripes as I go (cables, structures… mostly around the ankle of course)

I am very sensitive to knobs, knots and folds around my feet especially if I wear socks like this in boots or hiking shoes every once in while. That’s why selfknit socks rule, in my eyes: you are responsible for not making them uncomfortable. :slight_smile:

If you are up for knitting 2 socks at one time on circular needles, then Silver’s Sock Class would work well for you. They have short row heels and are knit with worsted weight yarn so they are nice and thick. Also, you get to do both socks at the same time so no “second sock syndrome.”

I have heard of the Silver Sock class and taken a look at it before. But I couldn’t remember the short row was used.
The 2 at a time is not so much my preference. especially not with the yarn I have in mind now (thick, fluffy and with a tendency to “felt” into itself…) But one day I will have to that just to check a weird thing off my list :smiley:

I can surely use the instructions for just one sock, I guess.

With socks and gloves I am pretty good about the “second piece” syndrom. With sleeves that is a little harder for me but I am mastering :slight_smile:

If I look at enough short row shaping socks I will be able to figure something out anyway.

I may just have to start. And the colder it gets out there the more I am willing to just jump into it :slight_smile: