Sock with no heel?!?!

Hey everyone! I won a bid for an Etsy Alchemy request (woohoo!) and they sent me yarn and the pattern so I can knit them their socks. I’m confused about the pattern though, as it’s unlike any sock pattern I’ve ever seen. It’s a Paton’s Kroy Sock yarn pattern called Spiral Socks. It tells to cast on, gives instructions for ribbing and leg, which is all normal. But then it says continue that until the work measures 16 inches (!!!) and then only gives instructions for the toe.

Is it assumed that I’m going to do my own heel, or is this some weird kind of heel-less sock? That seems weird, but I can’t imagine they’d leave out heel instructions entirely. Let me know… cuz I’m very confused.

I have bought commercially produced socks in the past that were heel-less, I think they were meant for ski-ers I wanted warm winter boot socks. It is weird but they fit anyone I suppose as everyone’s foot length is catered for. They stretch over the heel. Mine wore more on one side that the other after several wears so formed a heel… then went bald!

It sounds like a pattern for tube socks. The fit is less “customized” and supposedly the socks last longer because they are worn evenly on all sides due to there being no set heel.

I remember tube socks from my high school days. I think they were just that–a tube with a toe. I wouldn’t think they would fit as well as a sock with a heel, but I don’t ever remember wearing tube socks. Anyway, I guess a “heeless” sock is a possibility.

i’ve posted a free pattern on my blog (back in Jan 08) for a spiral knit tube sock.

tube (heelless) socks work best with a round toe… (so you can wear them any way (flat/french toes) tend to force you to wear side A or side B… round toes let you just pull the sock on and were it.

they are great for kids (who’s feet grow at an alarming rate!)

I think it’s probably a tube sock, but if you aren’t sure I’d contact them before changing the pattern and adding a heel.

they are tube socks - have a sample where I work

Yes, sounds like tube sox to me too!

I think that sounds like a tube sock too. My dad wears them, and they are really long and have no heel. It must be true about them wearing better though, because he’s had the same pairs of sock for almost 10 years, and I’m only now starting to see worn parts. :teehee: