Sock wars!

YarnMonkey, of Knitting World Cup fame is now hosting SockWars! It looks like it will be a blast!

I now have to decide it I’m up for this war…I only have 5 or 600 other things to knit :rollseyes: Which makes me lean toward doing my regular knitting rather than knitting and shipping socks all over the world. But, then again, it really sounds like fun…

Any of you going to join…I know that you guys have got to be more decisive than I :rollseyes:

It sounds really fun, but I’m not sure I can knit fast enough…
Admittedly. Knowing that at any moment I could get killed would inspire me I’m sure.
My family: What’re you DOING?! It’s 3 AM!

That sounds CRAZY fun! But I dont get it… you have to knit your socks AND the unfinished socks of your target?? :??

Yup. Sounds like it. I think it’d be fun. Unless they were doing some crazy lace pattern and you’re all like “wtf?”

Oh my god that looks like so much fun. I’m horrible with second-sock syndrome, but for this I might have to do it…eep.

It’ll mean I have to buy more sock yarn, too. Oh dear. :roflhard:

omg, it sounds too fun! I have to get my WIPs under control before September…

I start college this year…I hope that it becomes annual. By next year I might be more able to handle it!

Aidan, do you know how boring freshman year large lecture classes are? You can knit a whole sock during class! do it do it do it do it!

Besides, I think I’m going to do it, and I’m a NURSING student. No time to knit while on a hospital floor.

I’ve just entered! :twisted:

Muaaaaaaaaah ha ha!!!

Let the sock wars begin! :thumbsup:

Any excuse to knit socks is good enough for me! :wink:

I’m terrified that if I don’t pay close attention I’m going to miss some important part of college that will make me fail all my classes or something.

Irrational, but there it is.

…A whole sock you say? Hmmm

Trust me, You’ll find the time to knit a pair of socks. I believe in you.

I already sent in my email… :cheering: :cheering: And freshman year of college there is nothing so important that you need to pay so much attention during class. Freshman classes are like high school, except most of them don’t take attendance and you don’t have to go every day.

Besides, if you don’t finish, you’ll be killed, have a pair of socks to show for it, and the pride of knowing you at least participated.

Now my only concern is that I don’t know what my mailing address will be yet!

Do you think I should show my face in the knitting shop where I once volunteered to do classes and never did just to get some more sock yarn? It was way back in December. Maybe they don’t remember me…

Careful: I teach Freshman Composition. It’s NOT a blow-off course :wink:

But Aidan, unless you’re working a lot and taking a full load, you should have ample time to compete!

Oh no!!! Maybe you could wear a fake beard or something, and use a funny accent…

This looks like it could totally could be fun… but I’m not sure I’m ready for the challenge. I love to knit, but with lane running around… it’s getting really hard. Plus I have the DOG to keep out of my knitting.

I’ve got time to think about this one…


People people people. The absolute worst thing that can happen? You get a pair of free, handknitted socks in the mail before you cast on to kill your target. Whoops! Now you’re dead, better send that pattern and the yarn you were GOING to use to your killer, and then sit back and watch the rest of the fun!

Aidan, you can always sign up with your parent’s address and either ask them to forward your mail or officially change your mailing address with the post office. It’s not very hard, and they forward all your mail for six months, by which time you’ll have changed your mailing address back to your permanent address. It sounds confusing but it really isn’t.

Don’t let Angelia fool you, I took Freshman Comp and while I would never label ANY class as a blow-off class, it’s not a kill-yourself-working class, either. :wink: Unless Angelia is teaching YOUR freshman Comp class, in which case you should work your tuchus off.

Perhaps I’m not the best role model, though, since I’ve always been an above-average writer and was able to coast through writing classes without incident. :shrug:

I look forward to keeling you!!! knitted socks of DOOM! bWAHAHAHAHAHA!

All that reassuring talk and then this…:stuck_out_tongue:

All that reassuring talk and then this…:P[/quote]
Well, you know, competition and all…:lol: :oops:

It’s okay. I have no understanding of competition.
is thwacked by his conscience for lying
Okay, fine…
Immagonnagetchagirl diabolical laughter

eep! runs to quickly work on current sock project so as not to be distracted come wartime