Sock Wars.. I just signed up

I am a litte worried about it :oo: but looking forward to it too. I hope that the pattern isn’t too hard.

fellow sock war knitters beware… hehehehe

Another sock warrior…WTG!! I’m sure you all are gonna have loads of fun!

I signed up to, I can’t wait to start its going to be so much fun :slight_smile:

I just signed up too :slight_smile:

Only six days left to sign up!!! Encourage all your friends to join!

What happens in Sock Wars??? Just a little bit timid here… samm

Did you click the link in my signature?

Basically, sock wars is an international, death-by-sock tournament. There are several hundred participants so far. On the 8th of september, registration closes, and gauge and yarn information is posted. On the 22nd of September, all participants will be emailed a sock pattern (the same pattern for each participant) and the name, address, and shoe size of their “target”, who is another person in the tournament. Kind of like a secret santa swap or something, we will be knitting a pair of socks for this person and mailing it to them.

Once a person receives a pair of socks in the mail, they are considered “dead” and must immediately post their death on the forum. If the dead person has not yet finished their pair of socks, they must put all stitches on waste yarn and mail the socks to their “assassin”, along with the name, address, and shoe size of the person they were assigned to “kill”. The assassin then must complete the unfinished socks and mail THOSE socks out to the next target. There’s a convoluted rule for what happens if you have mailed out your socks already when you die, but that’s detailed on the website.

Whomever is still alive, that is, they have not received a pair of socks by November 24, is the winner. If there are several people alive, they will all compete to see who kills the organiser, Yarn-Monkey, first. The winner will receive swag in the form of yarn and knitting toys. Everyone else gets a pair of custom-made socks.

Gauge is immensely important in this project, as no matter what needle size you use, you need to be able to pick up the stitches from your victim’s socks and continue knitting without a change in the size of the pattern.

I signed up, fully expecting to be out in the first round. However, it’s so much fun I don’t care (and it gives me an excuse to buy sock yarn).

Thanks for explaining!!! I did click the link, after having asked the question, but you’ve made it very clear! It sounds like a lot of fun, but I’d be afraid I’d mess up the socks or something. I’ve knit some, but not too many pair. Maybe next time! Thanks again, aylaanne. samm who is a wee bit timid about joining in… :teehee:

Samm, they don’t have to be perfect. Just think…free socks. I’m not sure I have the wherewithal to go the distance, but just trying to do this (and I’ve only knit ONE pair of socks, ever) is so much fun it’s worth it.

I guess this is NOT for you if you have NEVER made a pair of socks Huh??? :shrug:

There’s one girl who joined who has never knit…anything. :??

[size=6][color=indigo]Just signed up too. Makes me nervous about looking in the mailbox in a few months but can’t wait to get started.

Good luck to everyone![/color][/size] :waving:

Hopefully there will be future Sock Wars. I recently learned to knit socks, but I’m still doing one at a time on DPNs. Maybe once I learn to knit 2 at once on 2 circs or using ML…I would think that’s the only hope to stay alive. That and giving up food, sleeping, etc. I’ll be watching with interest–good luck everyone!

I’m doing them one at a time on dpns. seriously, just sign up. FREE SOCKS.

The excuses you people come up with…:lol:

I signed up and I just started my first pair of socks yesterday! I’m halfway done with the leg (the easy part) so we’ll see how it goes. But aylaanne is right, FREE SOCKS!

Okay. Okay. I’l sign. Could be fun. And FREE SOCKS!!! Of course if I knit too quickly I could have to finish someone else’s socks. OR someone might have to finish mine!!! Never thought of that! Since others are not sock experts, I’m in!!! That’s all that was worrying me. samm who thanks all for the encouragement!!! Off to sign up! Right now!!! :cheering:

aylaanne, no way! Just started a new job, there are too many WIP already, and there’s no way. I’ll see how this first run pans out. Maybe if they have another go next spring…good luck!

methinks the lady doth protest too much!

you know you waaaaaaaaaaaaaant toooooooo, it’s sooooooooooockssssssss. :roflhard:

To those that ARENT in denial about their desire to join sockwars:
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Awesome! That’s so cool! I wish I could do that, but I really don’t know about that at this point. That’s way too much knitting and guage checking if I were to win.

Nope, not gonna happen this time, aylaanne! But you rock those DPNs! :notworthy: