Sock Wars! Edit: The pattern is up!

I don’t see any recent posts about this, forgive me if I just missed them.

The deadline for sign up for the Sock Wars is tomorrow!!! Go here for the announcement and details and the link for the whole site with updates and such is here

Hope to see you on the “battlefield”! :wink:

[size=1]P.S. Please don’t “kill” me.[/size]

You know I’m gonna kill you dead in the first round (if I don’t die first). Bwahahaha!!!

I made a poster but it wasn’t in time. :frowning:

i have big man feet. good luck. :roflhard:

hey, what’s the super ingrid fan club? i’ve been absent, someone share.

AND are you near Franklin County or is that separate from your Franklin? Fiber Twist!!! I’m jealous!

I’ll kill you to the death! haha… And you’re lucky if you get me, I’ve knit for big feet before - and fast :-p

I have signed up and can’t wait to start. I will be going to Webs for my supplies tomorrow.

When are we getting the email with who we are knitting for and our pattern???

Wow, I have to say I’m really surprised at the yarn specs. I mean, yeah, all the better for super-speedy sock knitting…I had been fearing a truly hard core pattern that required teeny yarn and US0 needles. :wink:

Guys, I can not do it :frowning: I need to make my two little girls dolls for their birthdays (October and November). So between now and christmas . . .

Anyway, I wanna watch you guys have fun doing it! So are yall going to be able to update us on whats going on?

Candace, so sorry you can’t join us, but fear not, the first rule of Sock Wars is to talk about sock wars, so you should be able to “battle” vicariously through us. :wink: [size=1](and watch me get killed)[/size]

i wanted metal DPNs since i need all the help i can get and accidentally ordered a set of 4 foot-long DPN’s in size 5 instead of a set of 5 in size 4… what does one do with 12" DPNs? :shrug:

Here is the Super Ingrid Fan Club! Ingrid lovers UNITE! :slight_smile:

Sweet! I love that rule! :happydance: Ok, blab away.

Nuh uh! I didnt know they made them that big. I cant imagine. It sounds like a joke.

Are you gona order Knit Picks new ones? They sound wonderful!

the KP ones ARE wonderful, but only go up to size 3 (I have 0 and 1 so far) and the first sock is on 4s or 5. :frowning: I so checked there first though, they’re awesome. I was thinking maybe some Addi ones, but they’re like $10 a set plus S&H IF you can find them. meh. yeah, i’m really clueless on the 12" DP’s. I know I’ve heard about them and maybe even saw them at one of my LYS, but clueless…

All I can say is…ya’ll better just be happy I’m not entering or I would massacre the lot of you!!! I’m kind, so I didn’t enter :roflhard: :rofl:

whatever becka. You didn’t enter because you’re a big chicken. :wink:

Wow, dk weight yarn, that’s a whole new spin on things. I’d already decided to buy new yarn for this and swatch with some I already had, now I have to wonder if I really have enough to swatch with…size 5s? Crap with my tension I’ll probably need size 7s. I have 7" long size 5s though…

:happydance: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering:

I am living in the heart of Franklin County and will be going to Fiber Twist. And you should be jealous.

Burnsie where are you out in Western Ma? I’ve been looking for local KHers to get together with on a more regular basis.

LOL, like that bothers me :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

Hey sockwarriors! I’ve made a frappr map for sockwars, sign yourself up!

I added myself to the map, bought my yarn and ready to play :slight_smile:

Laura C

I’m going out today to pick up my yarn and just wondered what everyone else is using??

i am out of town and since she said to try to bust some stash (and boy do I need it) I grabbed 3 balls of a 100% alpaca DK with me… I also brought 2 balls of KPs Parade just in case… I think I had an issue with gauge, but I can’t remember now, and I’m still puzzled by the 180 yd requirement.

Arrgh, I think we have some spam, me mateys!