Sock Toes and Heel in different color

Is it only possible to do the heel in a different color if you go toe-up? Doing the toes in another color is easy, but going cuff-down I’m having problems doing just the heel portion.

Any hints, or patterns that explain it well? Many Thanks!!!

okay i am not sure what the question is actually about, toe up or cuff down? I have done it cuff down by changing color when i get to the part where i am starting the heel flap and finishing it after I am done with the gusset.

haven’t done toe up because i can’t bring myself to try casting on again! :wall:

eta: okay i figured out the question when i realized that i was missing a word the first time i read it…oy. anyway that’s how i do cuff down.

Hi, When doing it toe up, place all the heel stitches that you will be working on one needle, then attach your new color yarn and work your heel short rows with the new color yarn. Once you have finished your heel, re-join your previous color and work with that to finish the sock.

Hope that helps,


I’ve only done toe up, shortrow heels, but you could still use short row heels for cuff-down, couldn’t you? If so, then you’d just change colours same as for toe up.

I like the after-thought heel for different colored heel/toe socks.


There’s also a forethought heel in the Sensational Knitted Socks book. It’s not too hard and works great!

Afterthought? Forethought? I’ve not heard those terms before. Thanks for all the help so far – I appreciate it!

Do you have the Sensational Knitted Socks book? The instructions for doing the forethought heel are in there. It is basically a heel that uses a provisional cast on. You can easily use a different color yarn for the heel here.

While it at first doesn’t seem to make sense, if you just follow the instructions, it comes together nicely.

No, I don’t have that book, but I’ll look into getting it. Thanks! :cheering:

Most public libraries have it. THat’s where my knitting patterns come from :teehee:

Very good idea!