Sock stuck

I am trying to follow a pattern for baby socks which is new to me. (I’ve made socks before but not this pattern.) The instructions say to cast on 24 (28, 32) for the different sizes. The first rows are for the top part of the sock, which are normal. Then it goes to the heel. The first instruction says "Using color C: K0(1,2). I don’t know what this means. Does it mean knit one row? Or don’t knit a row for the smallest size, 1 row for the next size and 2 rows for the larger size?

Then, later on… after doing the heel which is 12 stitches, it goes on to say" Using color C: Knit 12 (18, 24). So I started with 28. I haven’t decreased any - so how am I supposed to knit 18 stitches? I’m so confused.

Here is the entire portion of the pattern that I’m lost on.

Stockinette Version (make 2)
Using Colour A (Grey): Co 24 (28, 32)sts; join in the round, place stitch marker.
Work 5 rounds in Stockinette Stitch.
Using Colour B (Red): Work 2 rounds.
Using Colour A (White): Work 5 rounds.
Using Colour C (Grey): Work 7 rounds.
Using Colour C (Grey): K0(1, 2)
Using Colour A (White): K12, turn,
Sl1, P10, w&t.
K9, w&t.
P8, w&t.
K7, w&t.
P6, w&t.
K5, w&t.
Sl1, P5, turn.
Sl1, K6, turn.
Sl1, P7, turn.
Sl1, K8, turn.
Sl1, P9, turn.
Sl1, K10, turn.
Sl1, P11, turn.
Using Colour C (Grey): Knit 12 (18, 24) rounds

It would be better to post a link to the pattern. Posting the pattern like this can be a problem with copyright laws.

Using color C: K0(1,2) - The different numbers are for different sizes and should tell you how many stitches to knit before going on with whatever is next. It seems to mean that you work 0, 1, or 2 stitches (depending on the size) before changing colors and starting the short rows for the heel turn.

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I agree with GG on the number of sts depending on the size you’re making
As far as the directions for color C, use all your 28sts to knit 18 rounds. That 18 means the number or rows or rounds, not the number of sts.

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OMG rows! Duh! What a dumb question that turned out to be. Thanks!

Uh-uh, no dumb questions! Love to see a photo when you finish.